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The focus of the research network is on safety: that of the driver, the passenger and that of other participants. But also the safety of the manufacturer, because the automotive industry is facing a drastic paradigm shift. Vehicles are increasingly being automated with the aid of sensors (e.g. cameras, ultrasound, radar, …). In addition, the number of these assistance systems and the associated sensors is increasing, which means that the safety character is also becoming increasingly important. Any malfunction can therefore cause a fatal accident. At the same time, liability for accidents moves from the driver to the manufacturer. An important aspect of the network is therefore the efficient commissioning and functional safeguarding of the sensors during vehicle production. Until now there was no need and therefore no common solutions. In the future, however, production must ensure that the systems continue to function reliably after assembly and any garage visits.

Road users and drivers are thus assured that they are using an absolutely functional, safe and tested vehicle. Companies, such as an automobile manufacturer, are thereby shown new, safe and efficient ways of integrating functional safeguarding into the production process.

Automotive suppliers in Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Wallonia, Lorraine and Luxembourg regions are of great importance. On the one hand, they represent the largest supplier cluster in Europe; on the other hand, they are responsible for around 140,000 jobs. The internationality of the network not only strengthens the regional competitiveness of the automotive suppliers in the BeNeLux region, but also the European competitiveness. The cross-border transfer of knowledge creates added value for the entire European automotive industry, from the development of ideas to industrialization. In this way, the challenges of the sector can be approached together.

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