Quite different from before, but still two entertaining days: the virtual network meeting of our ZIM network UmSenAuto is behind us and we are optimistically looking forward to the second phase of the network.

Day 1: Review – what has happened so far

We have now been in the joint UmSenAuto network for about a year, which DORUCON as network manager is very happy about. Since the kick-off in January, we have already been able to hold some workshops, approach potential new partners and have submitted the first interim report. The projects developed at the kick-off are also going well – we can already start with some of them in the coming year.

The goal of UmSenAuto is to strengthen the competitiveness of automotive suppliers in the BeNeLux region. To this end, our international ZIM network offers a suitable platform for creating synergies and new innovative products and processes.

The topic of our network is the safeguarding of assistance functions and new technologies of vehicles – over the entire product life cycle. Another focus is on the efficient commissioning of these systems at the end of the production line. Through the framework of the ZIM network, R&D projects are subsidized and new distribution channels and networking opportunities are identified.

Day 2: Preview of further network work

With a view to the technological roadmap, existing project ideas were further elaborated. The network partners were able to develop a common understanding through interactive tools and through joint virtual brainstorming and thus assigned to the individual project ideas.

Subgroups then worked on new ideas and research topics. Network partners were able to rank and evaluate the ideas, with the goal of adding to the network’s technology roadmap.

We would like to thank all participants for the valuable cooperation in the network. Even virtually we manage to use the advantages of a ZIM network for us. We look forward to meeting again in person.

How to become a partner in the ZIM Network UmSenAuto

Our network is open to everyone who wants to contribute their know-how in the field of automobiles, sensor technology, research and development and much more. Through synergies and networking, exciting projects are created together, which bring great market potentials.

To become part of the network, you can contact our network manager Dr. Marco Nesarajah at any time, by email at info@dorucon.de or by phone at +49 681 976 898-10.

We are looking forward to your contact request!

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